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Day 3 and the 70s Corduroy Maxi Skirt


Here in the State of Florida, we are dealing with a cold front. I know, I know–it’s below zero in some places, but, as a Floridian, I choose not to have winter clothes that I will rarely wear. It’s a waste of closet space. So, when I heard the temperatures were going to be down in the 40s, I decided to finish a corduroy skirt that I started in November.


I have no clue as to the pattern number and, I suspect, the pattern has found its way back in the drawer.  I do know, however, that the pattern is from the 70s.  The skirt is a simple a-line maxi with a side zipper.  All that was needed was hand sewing on the waistband and the hem, which I did while watching Ridiculousness last night.


The length of the skirt is a little wonky.  I may revisit it in the future and shorten it to riding length.  In the meantime, it was perfect for today’s temperatures.


I paired it up with my thrifted Ann Taylor sweater, tank top (hey, I’m a Floridian, of course I’m wearing a tank top) and Spanx tights (these bad boys have lasted 4 years – woohoo!).  To keep me warm I added my Talbots wool coat I got on Ebay for $16.32 plus shipping (what???), infinity scarf and a pair of Fleuvog Miracle boots that performed miracles on my feet (also from Ebay).

We are expecting colder temperatures on Monday and Tuesday and, since I sold the few wool skirts I owned, it’s into the sewing room for me this weekend!


2014 Ready Wear Fast – Day 3


Day 3 

Yesterday was interesting in that I learned a lesson about reinforcing stress points on skirt linings that you can read about here.  This morning, as I looked at the clothes left in my closet after my recent clothing purge, I realized that I only really love a few items in my wardrobe.  Sigh.  Looks like this next purge will be as big as the last and I will be left with very little.  With that realization comes the realization that I need to make a bona fide sewing plan for this year or face the year wearing the same 7 skirts (which wouldn’t be a bad thing if those 7 skirts were actually complete and hanging in my closet).  I want to be able to look in my closet and love everything in it rather than look in and see a lot of mediocre clothing, that kinda-sorta fits “okay”, staring me in the face.  I admit that I am feeling a wee bit of stress about this endeavour, but I’m sure it will pass as time goes on and our Florida weather goes back to normal. 

Maybe saying goodbye to ready to wear for a year is going to be a good thing.


Hello world! Goodbye Ready to Wear!


So, this is it. The place where I will document the year where I give up ready to wear as a participant in Goodbye Valentino’s 2014 RTW Fast. This is, by far, the craziest thing I have ever done (shakes head). Oh sure, I’ve given up ready to wear before, but it was only for 3 months, not for an entire year! I don’t know if I’m ready for this, but rest assured, I am committed (or perhaps, should be committed).

Today is day 2 of my RTW fast. Day 1 was spent doing some after Christmas shopping (something I rarely do in person). Thankfully, I was on a mission to get Christmas decorations from Michael’s since I sold/donated all of mine several years ago and want to decorate next year. Somehow, however, I found myself in TJ Maxx. Seriously? Now, normally it wouldn’t bother me because I don’t really shop there, but it was a little bit annoying to know that looking at anything would be futile at this point. Then again, brick and mortar stores aren’t my weakness anyway. It’s online shopping, specifically Ebay and Talbots. Oh, and thrift stores. I love me some thrift stores. Rest assured, on December 31, I was clicking away ordering t-shirts from Talbots (donated all of my solid color t-shirts over a year ago) and (Dr. Who t-shirts — nerd alert!!) and paying with gift cards. I also placed an order from for graphic t-shirts because, while the “rules” say I’m too old to wear them, I love them and wear them anyway, either with shorts around the house or with jeans and a blazer when I’m out and about rules be damned! I think I’m set. Of course, I will continue to sell clothes on Ebay that no longer suit me (which is what I was doing prior to the holidays). Methinks this challenge will definitely be a challenge.

All I can say is, so far so good. Today I’m decked out in a me-made skirt that fits better than anything rtw in my closet. The next step (or first step depending on how you look at things) is to finish the skirts I started in 2013 (for a peek at those skirts, you’ll have to pop over to my other blog, here and here and ditch the RTW skirts where the fit is less than ideal (most of them).

I’m at a loss how to end this post so I’ll just say this: things are about to get interesting.