2014 Ready Wear Fast – Day 3


Day 3 

Yesterday was interesting in that I learned a lesson about reinforcing stress points on skirt linings that you can read about here.  This morning, as I looked at the clothes left in my closet after my recent clothing purge, I realized that I only really love a few items in my wardrobe.  Sigh.  Looks like this next purge will be as big as the last and I will be left with very little.  With that realization comes the realization that I need to make a bona fide sewing plan for this year or face the year wearing the same 7 skirts (which wouldn’t be a bad thing if those 7 skirts were actually complete and hanging in my closet).  I want to be able to look in my closet and love everything in it rather than look in and see a lot of mediocre clothing, that kinda-sorta fits “okay”, staring me in the face.  I admit that I am feeling a wee bit of stress about this endeavour, but I’m sure it will pass as time goes on and our Florida weather goes back to normal. 

Maybe saying goodbye to ready to wear for a year is going to be a good thing.



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