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Day 3 and the 70s Corduroy Maxi Skirt


Here in the State of Florida, we are dealing with a cold front. I know, I know–it’s below zero in some places, but, as a Floridian, I choose not to have winter clothes that I will rarely wear. It’s a waste of closet space. So, when I heard the temperatures were going to be down in the 40s, I decided to finish a corduroy skirt that I started in November.


I have no clue as to the pattern number and, I suspect, the pattern has found its way back in the drawer.  I do know, however, that the pattern is from the 70s.  The skirt is a simple a-line maxi with a side zipper.  All that was needed was hand sewing on the waistband and the hem, which I did while watching Ridiculousness last night.


The length of the skirt is a little wonky.  I may revisit it in the future and shorten it to riding length.  In the meantime, it was perfect for today’s temperatures.


I paired it up with my thrifted Ann Taylor sweater, tank top (hey, I’m a Floridian, of course I’m wearing a tank top) and Spanx tights (these bad boys have lasted 4 years – woohoo!).  To keep me warm I added my Talbots wool coat I got on Ebay for $16.32 plus shipping (what???), infinity scarf and a pair of Fleuvog Miracle boots that performed miracles on my feet (also from Ebay).

We are expecting colder temperatures on Monday and Tuesday and, since I sold the few wool skirts I owned, it’s into the sewing room for me this weekend!